Quit shaming moms for how they feed their babies

It wasn’t until my third child and three square years of nursing under my belt that I finally learned to not give a damn where I breastfeed my baby – public or private. My babies deserve to be fed and loved regardless of what anyone thinks of my methods. My first child was bottle fed and for a little while (breast milk and then formula,) this hurt my heart because I felt like a failure as a mom. People would ask, “did you even try to breastfeed? You know that breast is best, right?” And I would stutter out a long answer that was, frankly, none of their business. My second child nursed until he was almost three. My third? She is four months old and takes both breast AND bottle. So, to say I have been all over the map is an understatement.

The one thread that binds it all together is the constant litany of criticism I have faced for the ways that I feed my kids. I’m either cruel and inept for bottle feeding or “gross” or spoiling my child with breastfeeding. Seriously, people? You can’t accuse moms of this garbage anymore. It literally makes zero sense. You know why? BECAUSE BABIES NEED TO BE FED.

But then an amazing thing happened this summer. I literally stopped giving a damn what anyone thinks. I am a fabulous mom. My kids are well fed and loved beyond measure. My husband sees the work I do to keep our kids healthy and happy and strong and he supports all of my choices be it breast or bottle or both. He’s a great dad and husband in that regard.

So. All you moms out there, working so hard to feed your kids in the way that you see fit, I FEEL YOU! Don’t pay mind to the opinionated jerks out there butting their heads into your business. If you breastfeed and you need to stop what you’re doing – wherever you are whether public or private – in order to nurse your baby then do it. The chorus line of critics can all pound sand. If you’re bottle feeding your baby (pumped milk OR formula) and doing everything you can to make your child feel loved and be healthy then the chorus line of critics can pound sand.

Love those babies, feed them whatever in the heck you feel is best for your child and your family. To hell with everyone else.