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25 DIY Halloween costumes for kids

We LOVE to make things at our house. October means homemade decorations and treats, and epic costumes to wow the neighbors with. My kids have made hilarious costumes and had far more fun with cardboard, duct tape, and markers than they ever did with a store-bought costume that every other kid in town is wearing too. Last […]

Ten epic pumpkin carving ideas that you should try this year

Halloween is a handful of weeks away and with it comes the fun ritual of decorating or carving pumpkins as your favorite ghoul. This tradition started with Irish immigrating to America with folklore from their home country where people carved turnips with burning embers inside to ward off evil spirits. Pumpkins, not being native to Ireland, […]

5 Ways Halloween is more fun for the parents

It’s Halloween and at our house there is a flurry of activity – and the sun hasn’t risen yet. Our kids have lost their little minds over the excitement of dressing up like little ghouls and running around the streets of our village town square collecting candy in their brightly colored plastic pumpkin pails. My […]

DIY last minute kids halloween costume problem solver

[Tweet “DIY Last Minute Halloween Kids Costume Problem Solver”] I have a ridiculously smart 4YO. I’m not bragging here, he out wits me at least 18 times a day, folks. This clever child of mine can figure out almost anything. Mom and dad are spelling secrets to each other? Guess what?! He suddenly knows how […]